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Another reason to be concerned about illegals–gun controls will be imposed

Not to be ignored, this dem strategy of changing the demographic–and idiots like Paul Ryan open the borders.

One long term casualty of unchecked immigration is predicted to be the second amendment, according to this pin head UCLA Law School Prof.

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What about those illegals and invaders?

The Center For Immigration CIR, my go to source for in depth immigrations studies, provides an interesting and somewhat optimistic take on how to reduce the demographic train wreck.

The author says a lot of em will go back home on their own? Really? And what about the jihadis?

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The executive branch is a criminal enterprise–IGs are neutered

Let’s talk about the Inspector General system when criminals control the White House.

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Henry Kissinger–a talker and a compromiser, rumiinates with his buddies on nuke war

Junky psychology and social/political ideas produce junk foreign policy and foreign relations. The latest exhibit from the evidence room is the Iran appeasement deal that gives the game changing opportunities to confirmed vicious terrorists.

I always thought it odd that a guy like Kissinger who lived in America from his high school years, could maintain his Bavarian “accent” for a lifetime. He reminds me of people I know who had a Brit accent after spending a year or two studying in England.

However, Kissinger’s accent is a part of his persona and his influence set us on a road to maybe extinction while he has never apologized for all his mistaken appeasements and compromises. Agreements with thugs don’t work, but he is a man with a hammer, or should I say a mouth and a pen. He believes he can talk to a viper and makes deals with criminals.

Henry left us a blizzard of paper work, commentary and a number of meaningless and ineffective treaties and agreements and is still spoken of by the foreign policy and political establishment like the sacred Council on Foreign Relations, as an iconic giant.

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Blogger mom brings down Chicago School Superintendent

I like this story, you should too.

Mother of a 6th grader in Chicago Schools sees a no bid contract–and the super goes down.

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Another example of irresponsible polling

Here’s the essay. CNN cheats on polling? Really?

I did my first poll in my life last week. I saw Marist on the ID and called them back. Continue reading

What if Stalin had computers–he would have killed millions more

I was stunned to read The Black Book of Communism (1999) because, even though I knew of the horrors of the Stalins purges and his famines and gulags, I had no sense of the magnitude of the killing by the commies in so many other settings.

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