New Mammo guidelines are disputed

If you can figure out the best approach, you’re better than me.

Sure false positives are irksome but the downside risk of missing a cancer is much more important in consequences.

This essay gives a pretty good summary of the controversy and all the voices that are joining in the debate.

One thing that can’t be ignored is less mammography is being pushed by bamstercare. Women who want to get screened before 50 will have to pony up the fees since bamstercare ain’t gonna. One of he leading cancer centers in the world, MD Anderson in Houston, is still recommending mammos beginning at age 40.

I am not so sure about mammos in older women twice a year, but that’s an oncology question that people will have to get answered by someone else.


3 responses to “New Mammo guidelines are disputed

  1. No one familiar with Gilbert Welch?

  2. Why not mammography for men too? Simple answer is the risk is very low and the mammography is not just often but typically false positive. So why mammography for younger women when their risk is very low and the mammography is typically false positive?

    Typically false positive: I believe the stats are something like 10-100 false positives (varies by age and other factors) per accurate diagnoses. But worse in most of those cases where the mammography accurately detects cancer the outcome (good or bad) is unaffected by the “early” detection.

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