Death with Dignity advocates sound so smart–not

Well this Nick, a typical modern-day journalist who writes more than he reads and has a political agenda sewn onto his sleeve, discusses euthanasia, so much the stylish thing in the post modern socialist dominated era. Bioethics now reflects a nihilistic utilitarianism energized by amoral secular statist collectivism.

I think euthanasia is just one more stylish assault on the traditions of civilization, west or east–after all respect for the life of an individual is fundamental.

I adhere to the position of Paul McHugh, University professor at Johns Hopkins, former member of the presidential ethics commission, Professor and former Chair of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins.

McHugh said life in each human is precious and euthanasia is a canard and trap that relates to socialist view that human life is not so important as the collective.

Don’t score well on your quality of life–be gone, don’t be a burden to the collective.

In the essay the author admits that many people who choose euthanasia are not terminally ill, but depressed and desperate for some kind of quick fix that is presented to them as a solution. They become their own enemy, snuffing out what they consider not worth anything or too much of a burden, themselves. Suicide is considered a sin in many moral codes, and I would say it sure smacks of disrespect of life.

The author also goes to the usual chattering class pains of pointing out how the medical care system is terrible, which is why people choose euthanasia.

I would say that the medical care system does a pretty good job of providing hospice care and sensible medical decision making for people with serious illness, but this author belongs to the enlightened elites who is inclined to think physicians are all about money and not so special as him and his confreres.

Bottom line, I am with Churchill–Always choose life, but don’t do stupid things to prolong life–provide comfort and support to the disabled and dying. Plenty of room for love and support instead of euthanasia.

Paul McHugh’s essay on the euthanasia movement that swirled around the Terry Schiavo case:


2 responses to “Death with Dignity advocates sound so smart–not

  1. Not an appropriate topic for a website devoted to debunking junk science.

  2. Would you consider junk science ideas that support aggressive euthanisia bad science or maybe bad politics or bad moral ethical principles.

    If the later, is the use of bad moral/ethical principles junkscience or just stupid?

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