Henry Kissinger–a talker and a compromiser, rumiinates with his buddies on nuke war

Junky psychology and social/political ideas produce junk foreign policy and foreign relations. The latest exhibit from the evidence room is the Iran appeasement deal that gives the game changing opportunities to confirmed vicious terrorists.

I always thought it odd that a guy like Kissinger who lived in America from his high school years, could maintain his Bavarian “accent” for a lifetime. He reminds me of people I know who had a Brit accent after spending a year or two studying in England.

However, Kissinger’s accent is a part of his persona and his influence set us on a road to maybe extinction while he has never apologized for all his mistaken appeasements and compromises. Agreements with thugs don’t work, but he is a man with a hammer, or should I say a mouth and a pen. He believes he can talk to a viper and makes deals with criminals.

Henry left us a blizzard of paper work, commentary and a number of meaningless and ineffective treaties and agreements and is still spoken of by the foreign policy and political establishment like the sacred Council on Foreign Relations, as an iconic giant.

I think he is a giant all right–a giant at kicking the can down the road and giving evil regimes time to pursue their objectives–the destruction of Western Civilization. He doesn’t understand basic psychology–that a treaty is time for bad guys to recruit and arm up, or even pursue sabotage or asymmetric war. He is a great example of the old Orwell saying that some ideas are so preposterous that only intellectuals would adhere to them. He proves the saying that talk is cheap–I would add treaties are cheaper.

Here’s an old essay where Henry and his colleagues in appeasement and treaty writing revisit their devotion to talk and creating paper. Force of arms and determination of purpose are not an option in the minds of appeasers. They don’t have a clue about what to do with evil thugs–except compromise and kick the can. Or maybe hit the can down the road with their Chamberlain umbrella while they wave another piece of paper?

Colin Powell wanted to be Kissinger–always looking for an exit strategy or a papered up “resolution” or cease-fire. Now Colin goes around acting like an intellectual force for reason, affecting a soft and measured voice and presentation. Scooter Libby knows, like many others, that Colin is a treacherous and ambitious man.

Powell was a military man but not a warrior, he is a diplomat with a general’s uniform hanging in the closet. Colin fell asleep in the class that studied von Clausewitz, Kissinger and his colleagues in the American Foreign Policy establishment like George Schultz and others since, Baker, Christopher, Albright, Powell, Rice, Clinton, Kerry, never even sat in. They probably never read von Clausewitz’ On War. Isn’t it odd that the native Bavarian prince of diplomats doesn’t understand force of arms is often the necessary measure?


One response to “Henry Kissinger–a talker and a compromiser, rumiinates with his buddies on nuke war

  1. When you do a tally of who has benefited from Kissinger’s recommendations, it does make you reflect on the rumors circulating in the 1970’s and 1980’s that Henry was a deep Soviet plant.

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