John1282 is a Texas-based emergency physician and inactive member of the Texas and Louisiana bars. He is an autodidact in public health matters, economics, social sciences, religious/ethical/moral issues and political/military history. For ten years he has studied climate issues and monitored the debate and the science/political developments.

For 25 years he has had a special interest in the activities of government agencies and their sponsored researchers, with a particular focus on public and private sponsorship of research and the resulting junk science in many areas of inquiry, climate science, human medical care, environment science, criminology, social sciences, professional and general ethics, epidemiology and toxicology.

He works for a military hospital teaching and practicing emergency medicine, does peer review for small hospitals, and tends to the medical needs of inmates of the local county jail. He is an advisor to two national conservative think tanks, occasionally writes for a medical journal, and continues to write and lecture for conservative organizations and their publications when asked. He is occasionally an invited lecturer for professional meetings.

He is a frequent opinion and commentary essayist and is free ranging in the topics chosen for JunkScience.com, beginning in the fall of 2013. He is an unpaid volunteer writer for JunkScience and makes a living as a professional in matters of emergency and corrections medicine and medico/legal matters.

Bob Greene

Bob Greene received a PhD in Organic Chemistry from North Carolina State University. He has about 39 years experience in the chemical, food processing and renewable energy (landfill gas to electricity) industries. He has about 32 years experience in environmental management.


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