Thomas Sowell writes a three part series on Political Charlatans and the public ignorance they thrive on

Thomas Sowell is a living legend of economic and political, social science wisdom.

Here he discusses our predicament:

In a series of 3 essays.




I have on my shelves or have given to the local University Library most of the many Thomas Sowell boooks on economics, race, demographics, migrations, philosophy, ethics. What a man and an icon. Too bad the good ones get old. Sowell is now past 80, but still writing prolifically.

One time I picked up the phone and called Hoover–and he answered his own phone with that classic black deep voice you hear so often–must be genetic. Very nice man and all I could say was thanks for his efforts and I was a big fan.

Kind of like my standard line at work–thank you for your service–for all those soldiers I meet and care for.


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