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2 responses to “Contact JunkScience

  1. Obama for gun violence. We need to knock them sideways. Blame Obama’s society — the social breakdown caused by his policies and influence. The loss of jobs, the disintegration of the middle class, the growing unrest and violence in the minority communities, loss of insurance due to Obamacare and the threat of Obamacare, the unsavory people he hangs out with — the general sense of decay and despair we increasingly feel is producing social breakdown and it’s HIS fault.

    This is what the Left did under Bush. Turnabout is more than fair play, espcially since all these things are true where before they weren’t. This is Obama’s part-time, alienated, desperate and lost society. Blame him. The gun violence is simply a reflection of the social breakdown.

    Now he wants to blame the breakdown on the last contingent of truly responsible Americans — gun owners. Don’t let him. Flip the entire argument on him and the Left.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. About ten minutes of Google searching shows you just where he is coming from and it isn’t good for us AT ALL!

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