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How to know you have influenza

I applaud this very nice essay in ACSH output for today on how to distinguish the flu–caused by influenza virus, from colds caused by any number of viruses. Continue reading


Bamstercare exchanges in dem controlled states waste 4 Billion–poof

democrat controlled states take government money to set up exchanges that are now going bankrupt.

This report shows that they were kinda sloppy about keeping track. GAO can’t find a billion or more.

Like the COOPS, the gravy train no doubt delivered to the lefties.

More On Walking Back The Low Fat

Last week’s article provided a bit of historical perspective on how the elites could be so wrong for so long on dietary matters. Also included was one comment from Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN), at the recent House Committee On Agriculture Hearing On 2015 Dietary Guidelines For Americans, which featured this put-down: “I just want you to understand from my constituents, most of them don’t believe this stuff anymore. You have lost your credibility with a lot of people, and they are just flat-out ignoring this stuff.”

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Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus (MRSA), virulent bug

Giants football player Daniel Fells has a bad MRSA infection of the foot that may have progressed to osteomyelitis (bone infection) and bone infections are hard to treat. .

Talk in this report about amputation, but that is worst case–antibiotics well chosen are usually effective. This case report caught my eye because last year we had an MRSA foot infection case in the jail, acquired at another jail and treated in the hospital before the inmate was transferred to us.

Occasionally MRSA causes pneumonia or systemic infections–very bad news. MRSA used to be seen mostly in nursing home populations, then spread to the community–high rates in athletes, soldiers, colonization rates are influenced by antibiotic usage.

I see cases all the time in the jail, usually starts with the complaint–I got a spider bite–red, tender painful spot. MRSA is a virulent bug indeed.

More on the Kentucky bamstercare CoOp failure

These things are bound to fail, they involve utopian socialist silliness, community based and governed (usually socialist cronies) health insurance programs with little chance of competing and surviving.

Underwriting for a community rated program is a nightmare because of adverse selection. How does one control costs and become viable?

Here’s an essay by Grace-Marie Turner in Forbes. She has been involved in health insurance issues for many years, and is an advocate for market based programs, not government single payer socialism. Continue reading

Bath Salts–wanna get screwed up?

Bath salts produce amphetamine like effects, and should be considered as risky for producing excessive stimulation.

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Another malaria treatment shows promise

The Texas Medical School researchers have a new one.