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pretty much everyone wants this nuclear power plant to keep running, yet…

The Fitzpatrick nuclear power plant in upstate NY has a pretty solid record of safe and cheap operation. Everyone likes it. The locals (unlike in some other area) consider it a good neighbor, it provides a hefty chunk of CO2 free electricity, it’s reliable.

To quote Forbes magazine:
“Almost every constituency and politician involved says they really don’t want the plant to close, including the utility itself,the local community, the Governor of New York, the New York Representatives,the New York Senatorsand the Obama Administration.
“So why can’t something be worked out?”


Shedding Light On Some of the Idealogical Origins of Anti-Science

Many people are puzzled by the clear rejection of scientific principles embodied in the arguments and the literature  of the global warming enthusiasts and other proponents of the leftist/collectivist agenda that is so common today and has come to dominate the college campuses. It is particularly difficult to reconcile the academic establishment’s espousal of free thought, academic freedom , and diversity with their actions that are clearly aimed at suppressing these very things.


But all of these disparate elements are nicely tied together in a brilliant article by Professor Thomas DiLorenzo. He points out that when institutional Marxism imploded in the late 80s/early 90s, the academic Marxists did not admit defeat but rather sidestepped into passionate environmentalism. Instead of justifying central government planning and control in order to benefit “the people” they simply substituted “Mother Earth”. They could easily make common cause with the environmental movement because both groups shared an essential hatred for human beings. DiLorenzo goes on to explain how adherence to this ideology necessarily led to an opposition to science and the imposition of a rigid academic orthodoxy that all but obliterated the diversity and freedom of thought that they professed to support.


But rather than attempt to repeat what Professor DiLorenzo wrote I would simply urge anyone who is interested in understanding how much of this came about to read the linked article.

Just those that get caught?

The government is more likely to break environmental laws than the private sector. Continue reading

Former US Attorney General Mukasey warns of the outlaw bamster DOJ

This is some pretty scary stuff. But we knew about it.

Mukasey says that the bamster AG office at the Department of Justice is a criminal enterprise–and is intent on all sorts of mayhem for the Republic.

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The Mask of Sanity–a 75 year old book on sociopathic personalities warns of monsters who walk among us

I introduce below a link that discusses psychopaths and the president and previous informative descriptions of the problem. The author also insightfully remarks on the fact that personality disorders are variable in intensity of dysfunction but in one degree or another are widespread in the population.

I insist on using the word sociopath to describe the bamster, since psychopath could be understood to literally describe any of a number of pathological mental states.

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Editor’s note–from john1282

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However, Mike Shaw, a colleague has pointed out that hyperlinks eliminate some problems we have with the software that is word press.

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Thomas Sowell writes a three part series on Political Charlatans and the public ignorance they thrive on

Thomas Sowell is a living legend of economic and political, social science wisdom.

Here he discusses our predicament:

In a series of 3 essays.




I have on my shelves or have given to the local University Library most of the many Thomas Sowell boooks on economics, race, demographics, migrations, philosophy, ethics. What a man and an icon. Too bad the good ones get old. Sowell is now past 80, but still writing prolifically.

One time I picked up the phone and called Hoover–and he answered his own phone with that classic black deep voice you hear so often–must be genetic. Very nice man and all I could say was thanks for his efforts and I was a big fan.

Kind of like my standard line at work–thank you for your service–for all those soldiers I meet and care for.