May I suggest this David French essay on how to man up.

I can’t believe the weakling pussies who walk the earth–always working on their victim or grievance agenda.

David French discusses the difference between men and weenies.


4 responses to “May I suggest this David French essay on how to man up.

  1. @john1282
    Just one more “fruit” of the gay rights lobby.

  2. I have a problem with the continuously ‘aggrieved’ – they focus entirely on the past. Their ‘plans’ for the future are limited to revenge, which they call ‘justice’. They have exactly NOTHING positive to contribute.

    • @tadchem–
      Bravo! You have elucidated the difference between “justice” and “social justice.”

      Under justice, the most qualified gets hired. Under social justice, the minority gets hired.

      Under justice the poor man is not favored in a lawsuit. Under social justice, the poor man IS favored in a lawsuit.

      This all stems from the Civil Rights Act of 1964, BTW.

      Social justice is not in any rational way “social” and is certainly not justice.

  3. Time to Man Up. Here, have some websites:

    -Return of KIngs
    (Unapologetically male. Testosterone will practically start oozing out of your screen and onto your keyboard. Share with a friend.)

    -The Tom Leykis Show
    (Honestly, where was this guy when I was 20? Conservative male-centric messages couched the idiom of the 18-35 year old male.Ditto the testosterone part.)

    -Leykis 101
    (There’s a book out there for women titled “The Rules.” This is “The Rules” for guys.)

    -The Art of Manliness
    (Learn how to back up a trailer, you Incompetent Wussy!)

    Time for Martinis and Red Meat. Cheesecake too.*

    Just a thought.


    *And women, real women, 9s and 10s, like Masha Rybushkina, Emily Bloom, Gina Gerson and Anna Belova. No, no, don’t thank me. Happy to help.

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