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Another reason to be concerned about illegals–gun controls will be imposed

Not to be ignored, this dem strategy of changing the demographic–and idiots like Paul Ryan open the borders.

One long term casualty of unchecked immigration is predicted to be the second amendment, according to this pin head UCLA Law School Prof.

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I say male life expectancy is reduced because of discrimination

All these social/medical researchers make the big case that disparities of medical outcomes are due to racism. I suggest gender bias and discrimination is the cause of men living shorter lives.
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Enviros getting their wish–humans an endangered species

Of course I know that the green elite oligarchs think humans are a cancer on the earth. Sure the Club of Rome, Gates, Buffet promote sustainability as the antidote to too many people, with a healthy dose of misanthropy.
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Europe is a museum? Or a residential facility for the aged?

Demographics make a difference.

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Demographics make a difference

David Goldman is like Julian Simon and Nick Eberstadt, they care about reproduction and societies that commit suicide.

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