Wanna tell me what the Treaty of Paree will accomplish

So here’s Stern talking about an agreement that is non binding, and doesn’t really amount to a treaty or something like that?

I think they should just have a nice time, eat some good French food, go to the sites, come home and shut up.

Todd Stern’s testimony sure doesn’t make much sense.


2 responses to “Wanna tell me what the Treaty of Paree will accomplish

  1. Let’s curtail the damages done by the climate catastrophe clowns by obliging all of their conferences to be catered by McDonald’s.

    No more cordon bleu cuisine. No more expensive wines and booze. No more elaborate entertainments.

    Chicken McNuggets and fries. Filet-o-Fish sandwiches. Egg McMuffins all day long.

    And all the McCafé Coffee, sweet tea, and Dr Pepper® the conference participants can guzzle.

    (I was gonna propose feeding them nothing but MREs, but Mickey D’s menu is even more likely to induce behavioral modification among these parasites, don’tcha think?)

    Oh, yeah.

    Nothing halal.

  2. Every person who goes to this conference is simply embezzling public funds for their own benefit.

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