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Another reason to be concerned about illegals–gun controls will be imposed

Not to be ignored, this dem strategy of changing the demographic–and idiots like Paul Ryan open the borders.

One long term casualty of unchecked immigration is predicted to be the second amendment, according to this pin head UCLA Law School Prof.

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Fearless Ann takes on that pomposity O’Reilly on the issue of 14th amendment anchor babies

The only thing that really disappointed me about this essay is that John Yoo has gone to the dard side with the emperor and Darth Vador and is now a shill.

He claimed that anchor baby protections even went back to the founding–he is so FOS.


Welcome to Sweden: What Tumblr would look like if it were a country

Yes, it really is that bad.  Think the US is immune?   Think again.  (Some strong language).

It is always risky to attempt to explain metaphors—especially someone else’s, as the title comes from the guy in the video—but due to popular demand, here goes:  Tumblr is a powerfully equipped micro-blogging site, that seems to be the fulfillment of Karl Kraus‘ comment, “A journalist is a person without any ideas but with an ability to express them.”

Graphics and other forms of media are heavily featured, as is pornography. I think the idea is that Sweden is now letting any lunatic have total freedom to pollute the common environment, as if this were a virtue. Since rape (if perpetrated by immigrants) is all but completely tolerated, the porno of Tumblr comes to violent life in Sweden.

Importing losers and criminal types is a real risk–consider the evidence

So a fine essay about the real world instead of the multicultural fantasyland. A nice Follow up to awhat I emphasize is shown by Ann Coulter in her new book Adios America, a terrible and alarming indictment of multicultrual silliness and political correctness coverups.
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Sexual Assault problem in India–let’s import more Indians

Culture, its about culture. Currently one of the major sources of non mexican immigration is India, which is on the favored list since Kennedy 1965 immigration reform. Reduce European migration, increase 3rd world.

So what’s the price to pay–cultural differences that don’t go away with a wave of a multicultural wand.

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Ban the Mexican Flag?

Here’s an interesting note–dealing with what amounts to an invasion by criminal elements.

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Ann Coulter on the insanity of the immigration thing

Here is a great essay about why Ann Coulter is a treasure.

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