Nye is no science guy, he is a science duufus

But the man has a microphone and a camera, and in the world today–that’s better than competence, that’s notoriety and fame.

Why should we care what the essay says about Bill Nye, sort of a carney barker character? Because these things make a difference in public discourse.

The media control the content and influence the direction of the culture. Used to be the monolithic 3 netwark system, now it’s a much broader selection and sources of influence, but the left still dominates. Bill Nye impacts more people than I do, for example. I am sure his audiences are in the hundreds of thousands or even millions.


2 responses to “Nye is no science guy, he is a science duufus

  1. Bill Nye’s Zenith was when he was a “High Fivin’ White Guy”.

  2. The younger generation consider Nye to be a Science God. What nonsense. He’s a mechanical engineer who became an actor and comedian. ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ was the name of his weekly skit on the 80s-90s “Almost Live!” comedy TV show in Seattle.

    And now he’s the liberals’ (including the SCHOOLS’) go-to guy for popular science education? Unbelievable.

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