How stupid is air pollution ‘science’?

A friend of mine e-mailed me a November 2015 report from the European Environment Agency claiming that the air pollutant called PM2.5 causes 432,000 deaths in Europe every year. Is this plausible? Continue reading

pretty much everyone wants this nuclear power plant to keep running, yet…

The Fitzpatrick nuclear power plant in upstate NY has a pretty solid record of safe and cheap operation. Everyone likes it. The locals (unlike in some other area) consider it a good neighbor, it provides a hefty chunk of CO2 free electricity, it’s reliable.

To quote Forbes magazine:
“Almost every constituency and politician involved says they really don’t want the plant to close, including the utility itself,the local community, the Governor of New York, the New York Representatives,the New York Senatorsand the Obama Administration.
“So why can’t something be worked out?”

How to know you have influenza

I applaud this very nice essay in ACSH output for today on how to distinguish the flu–caused by influenza virus, from colds caused by any number of viruses. Continue reading

Another reason to be concerned about illegals–gun controls will be imposed

Not to be ignored, this dem strategy of changing the demographic–and idiots like Paul Ryan open the borders.

One long term casualty of unchecked immigration is predicted to be the second amendment, according to this pin head UCLA Law School Prof.

Read here.

Nye is no science guy, he is a science duufus

But the man has a microphone and a camera, and in the world today–that’s better than competence, that’s notoriety and fame.

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What about those illegals and invaders?

The Center For Immigration CIR, my go to source for in depth immigrations studies, provides an interesting and somewhat optimistic take on how to reduce the demographic train wreck.

The author says a lot of em will go back home on their own? Really? And what about the jihadis?

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The executive branch is a criminal enterprise–IGs are neutered

Let’s talk about the Inspector General system when criminals control the White House.

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