Inflation, what inflation?

The Feds control the reports, don’t they and the report no inflation, no social security adjustment–so I suggest you ask someone on a fixed income about the cost of living, for example food costs.

In the real world the unemployment is in the teens, and the inflation is real, but when you control the reports anything goes. We are in a continuing recession but borrowing like their was no tomorrow.

Stalin had it right, what matters is who does the counting. Elections are stolen, the government lies about vital information and no one seems to care. Welfare dependency is expanding and people’s assets are depreciating, but now the 3 card Monte game focuses on the Stock Market.

Yesterday we talked about going off the Dollar, but who will mind the store and tell the truth–too much gaming going on–even the Fed is pumping up the stock market.

This essay splains how the government agencies lie. Why it makes a difference.


5 responses to “Inflation, what inflation?

  1. Air emissions fees are based on an inflation index. They always increase. Supposedly using the same federal index as a starting point in 2015 Virginia increased their fees by slightly more than 5% and North Carolina increased their fees by slightly more than 2%.

  2. When energy and food prices rose, it didn’t count for a COLA, not included. But, when fuel prices fell, it cancelled the need for a COLA. Us old geezers never buy food or fuel, except when prices fall. Heads they win, tails we lose.

  3. Don’t you have to have economic activity to have inflation? There is no activity in America today.

  4. Depends on what is is.

  5. If John would learn some economics maybe he wouldn’t confuse relative price changes with an increase of the general price level.

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