Wanna tell me what the Treaty of Paree will accomplish

So here’s Stern talking about an agreement that is non binding, and doesn’t really amount to a treaty or something like that?

I think they should just have a nice time, eat some good French food, go to the sites, come home and shut up.

Todd Stern’s testimony sure doesn’t make much sense.


New Mammo guidelines are disputed

If you can figure out the best approach, you’re better than me.

Sure false positives are irksome but the downside risk of missing a cancer is much more important in consequences. Continue reading

Shedding Light On Some of the Idealogical Origins of Anti-Science

Many people are puzzled by the clear rejection of scientific principles embodied in the arguments and the literature  of the global warming enthusiasts and other proponents of the leftist/collectivist agenda that is so common today and has come to dominate the college campuses. It is particularly difficult to reconcile the academic establishment’s espousal of free thought, academic freedom , and diversity with their actions that are clearly aimed at suppressing these very things.


But all of these disparate elements are nicely tied together in a brilliant article by Professor Thomas DiLorenzo. He points out that when institutional Marxism imploded in the late 80s/early 90s, the academic Marxists did not admit defeat but rather sidestepped into passionate environmentalism. Instead of justifying central government planning and control in order to benefit “the people” they simply substituted “Mother Earth”. They could easily make common cause with the environmental movement because both groups shared an essential hatred for human beings. DiLorenzo goes on to explain how adherence to this ideology necessarily led to an opposition to science and the imposition of a rigid academic orthodoxy that all but obliterated the diversity and freedom of thought that they professed to support.


But rather than attempt to repeat what Professor DiLorenzo wrote I would simply urge anyone who is interested in understanding how much of this came about to read the linked article.



Bamstercare exchanges in dem controlled states waste 4 Billion–poof

democrat controlled states take government money to set up exchanges that are now going bankrupt.

This report shows that they were kinda sloppy about keeping track. GAO can’t find a billion or more.

Like the COOPS, the gravy train no doubt delivered to the lefties.

Hammering the Truckers with Air Pollution Junk Science

Here’s my friend James Enstrom, PhD MPH and warrior on the battle of air pollution nonsense by the EPA and it’s surrogate the California Air Resources Board.

The war is now in it’s 8th year at a high level of intensity. I have many friends and allies in the CA scientific and business/Transportation community.

Diesel engine emissions have always been an obsession of the enviros in CA and at the EPA. When you hear small particles, just think diesel, even though the small particle could be dust or some other naturally occurring air particle as well–the toxicology and epidemiology research is pretty damn sloppy, but the EPA doesn’t care.

Enstrom is critical as an epidemiologist who said, based on a comprehensive study of California that there is no small particle air pollution death effect in CA. His study refutes the claims of hundreds of thousands of deaths put out by the EPA to justify their air regs on diesel and engine emissions.

I like Jimmy for that.

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Roundup is a very useful herbicide, and it is safe

Even maninstream media, a lefty outlet for sure, can find good things to say about Roundup.

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Marita talks about the nonsense of fracking causing earthquakes

Consider this, nuclear testing didn’t cause earthquakes.

But more improtant, as described, if you put the seismographs on alert, guess what, they will find earthquakes. Continue reading