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Nye is no science guy, he is a science duufus

But the man has a microphone and a camera, and in the world today–that’s better than competence, that’s notoriety and fame.

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Wanna tell me what the Treaty of Paree will accomplish

So here’s Stern talking about an agreement that is non binding, and doesn’t really amount to a treaty or something like that?

I think they should just have a nice time, eat some good French food, go to the sites, come home and shut up.

Todd Stern’s testimony sure doesn’t make much sense.

Heidi Cullen, enviro prostitution at Climate Central

Heidi got my attention more than a year ago as a fanatic warmer, who was always pitching warming on the weather wanted to eliminate any meteorologist who didn’t toe the line on the warming crusade, and she was, of course the lead warmer whore at Weather Channel. Continue reading

Now we have climate tipping points

Just before COP21 we have a study that has come up with climate tipping points and climate doom.  Continue reading

Indur Goklany writes about the benefits of carbon dioxide to the human race and the planet

CO2 will green up the planet, increase food supplies, and improve water effects–since more carbon dioxide makes plants less vulnerable to drought.

Did you know that? Indur, as exemplified by this essay, is an expert on well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. I have introduced him and been on panels with him at Heartland Climate conferences.

Indur is a prolific researcher and writer, and I have a collection of his works. He tends a web site with many good papers on weather events, human catastrophes, deaths from floods, epidemics, cold and heat waves, cyclonic events.

Goklany’s work shows what Julian Simon proved in his economic history work, the condition of the human race has improved in the past Century, particularly attributable to progress due to fuels and energy development–but we knew that, didn’t we.

Viv Forbes, geologist, talks climate and scaremongers

The past includes some pretty bad climate times, points out the essayist from Australia.

The essay also provides some reference points. Scaremongering for political purposes is an old strategy.

Just this week a group claimed that the oceans would inundate all the coastal cities–300 years from now. And I can’t get a weather forecast that’s reliable? We’ve got another drought in Texas and I was promised the great El Nino rains, sometime soon, like this year–so come on.

Let’s make rain soon, my horses look forlorn and are getting pretty pushy about getting some extra food every day–the browse for the deer is also coming up pretty pathetic.

French meteorologist axed for warning of the warmer insanity

This is another scandalous effort to silence a scientist and an expert on weather and climate.

Thanks to Joe Bast and Willie Soon for forwarding this news.

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