Cruz takes down Sierra Pres clown

I like this.

It’s why they don’t like to debate us. They are factless, clueless, evidenceless, but confident that they are right.


5 responses to “Cruz takes down Sierra Pres clown

  1. B-b-b-but…No fair! That’s why we put in the token Black president of the Sierra Club. Don’t you know the rules? He is supposed to get a lifetime free pass.

    Didn’t Obama?

    PS–All Greenies are moronically stupid…no exceptions. It’s just that they almost never get challenged.

  2. Well done Ted, that ignorant lunatic was exposed for the charlatan he is.

  3. “Don’t ask me questions about science! I’m not a scientist. I am an environmental activist. I rely on the opinions of a few people who call themselves scientists who tell me what I want to hear. I know they are right because they agree with me. I don’t doubt them because doubting them would mean doubting myself, and because I am basically a political animal, I never doubt myself.”

  4. I’m still waiting for Imam al Gore of the Klimate Kaliphate to take up ANY of the myriad debate challenges.

  5. TADCHEM your a political animal alright BAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

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