Dr. Alan Carlin, former Senior EPA analyst, writes a comprehensive book on the craziness of the EPA

Alan Carlin has all the credentials, Cal Tech undergrad in physics, MIT PhD in Economics. He was a Sierra Club activist in the early days, President of the biggest local Chapter of the Sierra Club before the Sierra became a rich enviro NGO, yada yada.

Carlin worked for Rand and then the EPA, 38 years with the EPA.

Carlin wrote critiques of the EPA’s Climate/Warming junk science/economics while in the organization, particularly as a critique to the run up to the Clean Air Act–and particularly their commitment to the warming nonsense. He resigned in disgust with the conduct of the agency. The book Environmentalism Gone Mad is his thorough and insightful portrayal of an Agency and an environmental movement taken over by fanatics and fraudulent science and economics–most of all complicity in the lies of the IPCC and it’s agit prop efforts to make a case for carbon dioxide caused catastrophic warming with junk science propoganda driven by political agendas in the UN and international climate agitators and activists with a heavy socialist stink.

His book is a very good way to get up to speed on the last 40 years of enviro junk science and fanatic politics that has caused so much harm. It was published in 2015 and I just finished it. Very densely referenced and a lot of in-depth analysis that you might expect from a guy who spent his career doing serious analysis and had a hard science and economics background. The book is not hard to read, just requires attention.

After Carlin resigned in disgust from the EPA I met him at Heartland Conferences. One day I was in the speakers prep area before the conference was to begin and he was there too. We just started talking about his experiences and I was fascinated. Humble guy, all he really told me was he was with the EPA and was disillusioned and quit. Soft spoken guy, professional and well-mannered man, who stood up for good science against the EPA that was his life and the environmentalism that he once supported as an active advocate in Sierra Club politics.

REmarkable story.

Last year Heartland gave him an award for his courage and commitment to good science. It is well deserved.

Now he has written a book Environmentalism Gone Mad

A lot of stuff in Alan’s book that you will benefit from, since he is knowledgeable, and was in the belly of the beast.

Biographical information that you will find fascinating–he is the real deal.


The book, more than 500 hundred pages of expose and good discussion of the science and the reasons for opposition to IPCC and EPA nonsense on a number of issues–I can’t do his erudition justice in this brief commentary since he blew me away:



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