Heidi Cullen, enviro prostitution at Climate Central

Heidi got my attention more than a year ago as a fanatic warmer, who was always pitching warming on the weather wanted to eliminate any meteorologist who didn’t toe the line on the warming crusade, and she was, of course the lead warmer whore at Weather Channel.

Then, for some reason she moved to Climate Central–shilling and providing agit prop for the IPCC and federal warmer gang of thieves, just like she did at Weather Channel–maybe the income was better..

This news report shows the funding that the supposedly non profit no paritsan Climate Central gets–imagine that money from the government and the lefty enviro foundations would be sent to Cimate Central if they got up tomorrow and said–yah, the warming is not going as we predicted, we have to reconsider. It would be shut down pretty quick.

Here’s more on the green money machine from the archives.


One response to “Heidi Cullen, enviro prostitution at Climate Central

  1. But the money in the bank accounts remain after the shrill is shut down. It’s a great job. You can be wrong and still be paid.

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