Ronan Connolly and Willie Soon on temp records

The information on the paper is provided by Ronan here below.

Willie and I have received quite a few e-mails from readers of your blogs requesting copies of our new Earth-Sciences Review paper which Ed reviewed here: and which one of the JunkScience contributors (John1282) reposted on JunkScience here:

Thank you for promoting our new paper, and we are glad some of your readers found it intriguing enough to contact us. Unfortunately Earth-Science Reviews is a paywalled journal. They did offer an open access option, but it was quite expensive and since we received no funding for this paper, we had to go with the cheaper option. However, I have placed a copy of a partially typeset pre-print and the Supplementary Information on my blog:

Supplementary Information:
I have e-mailed this copy to your readers who contacted me. But, to avoid having your readers without access to the paywalled version needing to e-mail me and/or Willie (as Ed initially suggested), could you maybe update the posts above with these links? Again, I do appreciate your efforts in promoting our new paper – thanks!


6 responses to “Ronan Connolly and Willie Soon on temp records

  1. It would be great if at least the graphs could be posted here.

  2. Anybody reading here familiar with physicist Jeff Glassman’s 2010 samizdat paper The Cause of the Earth’s Climate Change is the Sun: The fingerprint of the sun is on the earth’s 160 year temperature record?

    Not an analysis subjected to conventional blinded peer review, but much dissected in “open” review online.

  3. Where are the graphs?

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