Now we have climate tipping points

Just before COP21 we have a study that has come up with climate tipping points and climate doom.  A scientist named Sybren Drijfhout has studied modeled abrupt climate shifts, some even happening around global warming. Of course it sets up the scare for doom and gloom that gets echoed into a Day after Tomorrow scenario.  Yep, we now believe that it can really happen.  I’m waiting to see all that instantaneous freezing.  And we even have some super climate chemistry in the age of Anthropocene. When is all this supposed to happen?  The links aren’t clear, but you know we just have to do something now.

It will get shriller and shriller as we role into the next negotiations.


4 responses to “Now we have climate tipping points

  1. the tipping point idea is self defeating because it implies that intervention is not possible and that therefore there is no point in reducing emissions.

  2. So now we’re using Hollywood Science Fiction based on discredited hypothesis (The Day After Tomorrow assumed the global ice age was brought on by the disruption in the Gulf Stream – which we now know was based on faulty science to begin with) as the basis for studies of future climate change? I think I’ll enroll in Starfleet next year….

  3. It is not just the “facts” that are being presented that are causing so many people to doubt the validity of the Anthropogenic Global Warming theory, it is more so all of the facts that the proponents of the theory appear to leave out, try to ignore or that they modify to get a “better fit” to their apparent “faith-based” theory that are destructive to the credence of the proponents of AGW.

    As a for instance, if the sun should just switch off what would the surface temperature of the planet be with only the “greenhouse effect” to provide warmth. Oops. Pardon me. I ignored the fact that if there was no solar energy involved then all of the gas molecules of all kinds that now make up the planet’s atmosphere would be no more than a rather thin solid crust on the surface of the planet so, in that case, no “greenhouse effect”.

  4. It all starts with the sun and the insolation energy that arrives at the planet. Any climate change theory that seeks to create a different starting point is swimming upstream, especially with those who are inclined toward healthy skepticism.

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