An essay advocating protecting scientists from harassment

This writer says scientists are unfairly attacked–but I would suggest that scientists who become advocates and are guilty of fraud should be exposed.

The essay is wrong headed and certainly misses the point on a number of items.

Clearly James Hansen and Michael Mann are examples of scienific misconduct–should we ignore their perfidy?

Fanatics advocating against GM crops, one of the writer’s examples, may unfairly and malignantly attack scientists for their funding sources, but that doesn’t mean that scientific misconduct should be allowed so scientists can peacefully work on their fraud. Vigorous opposition to scientific fraud should not be condemned.

Michael Mann and the climategate fraudster creeps he hangs out with are being challenged for good reasons. And one of the things they are criticized for is their organized effort to control journals and vilify and destroy opponents.

Judith Curry has been eloquent in her criticism of the science tyranny she has seen and experienced for voicing opposition to the enviro wackos in the science community. There are many other examples.

Angelo Codevilla has written eloquently on how scientific pretense and armies of scientific whores are used by political entities to force policy and silence dissent.

Codevilla’s essay from 2009 is compelling. Not nice, the science cheats–including the cargo cult crowd who employ bad methods and put up fallacious claims.

When so much money is in play and science is used to intimidate on political agendas–corruption and malfeasance is a real problem.


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