Indur Goklany writes about the benefits of carbon dioxide to the human race and the planet

CO2 will green up the planet, increase food supplies, and improve water effects–since more carbon dioxide makes plants less vulnerable to drought.

Did you know that? Indur, as exemplified by this essay, is an expert on well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. I have introduced him and been on panels with him at Heartland Climate conferences.

Indur is a prolific researcher and writer, and I have a collection of his works. He tends a web site with many good papers on weather events, human catastrophes, deaths from floods, epidemics, cold and heat waves, cyclonic events.

Goklany’s work shows what Julian Simon proved in his economic history work, the condition of the human race has improved in the past Century, particularly attributable to progress due to fuels and energy development–but we knew that, didn’t we.


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