Shedding Light On Some of the Idealogical Origins of Anti-Science

Many people are puzzled by the clear rejection of scientific principles embodied in the arguments and the literature  of the global warming enthusiasts and other proponents of the leftist/collectivist agenda that is so common today and has come to dominate the college campuses. It is particularly difficult to reconcile the academic establishment’s espousal of free thought, academic freedom , and diversity with their actions that are clearly aimed at suppressing these very things.


But all of these disparate elements are nicely tied together in a brilliant article by Professor Thomas DiLorenzo. He points out that when institutional Marxism imploded in the late 80s/early 90s, the academic Marxists did not admit defeat but rather sidestepped into passionate environmentalism. Instead of justifying central government planning and control in order to benefit “the people” they simply substituted “Mother Earth”. They could easily make common cause with the environmental movement because both groups shared an essential hatred for human beings. DiLorenzo goes on to explain how adherence to this ideology necessarily led to an opposition to science and the imposition of a rigid academic orthodoxy that all but obliterated the diversity and freedom of thought that they professed to support.


But rather than attempt to repeat what Professor DiLorenzo wrote I would simply urge anyone who is interested in understanding how much of this came about to read the linked article.


2 responses to “Shedding Light On Some of the Idealogical Origins of Anti-Science

  1. “Saving the planet!” are the 3 most dangerous words in any language.

  2. There is a reality and there is just one version of reality. Reality is what reality is. A truth is what the truth is. Each truth is a part of the whole truth. The sum of all of the truths in the Universe is equal to the one Universal reality.

    Regardless of how warped and distorted the minds of humans may become, the Universal reality is still what reality is and all truths are still what the truth is.

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