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How stupid is air pollution ‘science’?

A friend of mine e-mailed me a November 2015 report from the European Environment Agency claiming that the air pollutant called PM2.5 causes 432,000 deaths in Europe every year. Is this plausible? Continue reading


Welcome Comrades: 21st Century Eco-Socialism Conference at UCSB

By Michael Greer (@thetalentscout)

Although I’ve known for a long time that our children are being steeped in the Liberal view of the world at our universities, I had no idea how truly perverted and dangerous it was until I attended the “21st Century EcoSocialism Conference” at the University of California at Santa Barbara this weekend. This event was extremely disturbing. Continue reading

Another Fake Nobel Bites the Dust — UDelaware’s John Byrne

Yes. JunkScience has taken away another fake Nobel Prize. Continue reading

Global warming’s fake Nobel claims bite the dust

My latest on Breitbart… Continue reading

Running Away: Yet another fake Nobel claims bites the dust, courtesy of

The University of Montana’s Steve Running has been de-Nobeled. Continue reading

The Carbon Liar’s Club

Editors note. I had trouble getting the links provided by Seldon to stick when published. Master of the WebSite Milloy helped me out.

The Carbon Liars Club

By Seldon B. Graham, Jr.

The Democratic Party is a “Carbon Liar’s Club” supporting the man-made global warming hoax. It has been that way since President Obama came to office. Continue reading

Fake Nobel prize taken away from George Mason prof who asked for RICO investigation of climate skeptics

JunkScience has done it again. Continue reading