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How stupid is air pollution ‘science’?

A friend of mine e-mailed me a November 2015 report from the European Environment Agency claiming that the air pollutant called PM2.5 causes 432,000 deaths in Europe every year. Is this plausible? Continue reading


Hammering the Truckers with Air Pollution Junk Science

Here’s my friend James Enstrom, PhD MPH and warrior on the battle of air pollution nonsense by the EPA and it’s surrogate the California Air Resources Board.

The war is now in it’s 8th year at a high level of intensity. I have many friends and allies in the CA scientific and business/Transportation community.

Diesel engine emissions have always been an obsession of the enviros in CA and at the EPA. When you hear small particles, just think diesel, even though the small particle could be dust or some other naturally occurring air particle as well–the toxicology and epidemiology research is pretty damn sloppy, but the EPA doesn’t care.

Enstrom is critical as an epidemiologist who said, based on a comprehensive study of California that there is no small particle air pollution death effect in CA. His study refutes the claims of hundreds of thousands of deaths put out by the EPA to justify their air regs on diesel and engine emissions.

I like Jimmy for that.

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Affordable diesel autos in America–dream on

The EPA will work the NOX and Small particles thing until my horses get a new job.

Of course the real goal is the most inefficient form of auto–the electric auto. Continue reading

Mike Fumento is back–and talks about the VW emissions trick

Fumento is a reliable skeptic–born to be a writer for

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Sel Graham on the EPA Carbon Dioxide liar’s club

Editors note–this attempt to copy paste Sel Graham’s essay has resulted in a strange thing–all the links drop out.

Master of the web site, Milloy, has been asked to attempt to kill the problem so Sel’s complete essay with links will entertain and inform you. Sorry

john 1282

Sel has always, as an petrol reserves engineer and lawyer, been all over the silly EPA claims on fuels and carbon dioxide. He is my friend and ally.

Here’s his latest column. He writes regularly for a local newspaper.

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Ozone rules expensive and they suck–we need a VW defeat device for the country

Ozone doesn’t kill anybody or cause disease, it just makes EPA more powerful and intrusive.

Nitrous and Sulfur oxides are ozone precursors, do not kill or harm anyone at ambient, even at higher than ambient, levels as proven by EPA’s own research. Ozone is not lethal, toxic or carcinogenic at ambient and even higher levels even in high dose exposure human experiments sponsored by EPA.

But in the push for power, lies are told. Research is cobbled together and exaggerated claims are made.

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The VW matter from a different, and sensible perspective–EPA lied, lied, lied

We have, here at JS, emphasized so many times that nobody, nobody has died from ambient NOX or small particles, but that EPA has put together junk epidemiological data dredges to make their claims of saving hundreds of thousands from emissions.

So consider this essay that suggests a strategy for VW–a strategy based on a frontal attack on EPA junk science.

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