Behavioral Scientists promote systematic government tyranny

The scientism of these writers, who are in psych/behavioral areas of inquiry, is scary and only exceeded by their arrogant assertions that a scientific oligarchy should help the statists control society.

How appropriate that they would be published by the pretentious magazine Scientific American.

They take the strategy of Cass Sunstein articulated in his book Nudge a step further, elevating the psych and propaganda machine of the Ruling Class Nomenklatura to a special place of influence and dominance, where the elites can help the government control the populace.

Does this essay make you think of Fredrich Hayek’s warning about the fatal conceit and George Orwell’s dystopia in 1984?


One response to “Behavioral Scientists promote systematic government tyranny

  1. Their basic assumption is that people are stupid. Not far off the mark when you consider how their counterparts in education have screwed that effort up.

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