What if Stalin had computers–he would have killed millions more

I was stunned to read The Black Book of Communism (1999) because, even though I knew of the horrors of the Stalins purges and his famines and gulags, I had no sense of the magnitude of the killing by the commies in so many other settings.

The Black Book was, interestingly, a book taken up by lefty French intellectuals intended to show how communism was a benign, positive force, but the authors changed their tune after they did some research on the people killed and tortured and starved to death.

Here is a think piece on what Stalin might have done if he was more able to collect information on his targets–he would have killed more than the millions and been much more efficient as a despot.

Here’s the essay and the shocking truth.

I have dog-eared The Black Book of Communism to direct me to the horrors of the ideological train wreck. However, I will admit the whole commie project is so damn offensive I have no desire to go back and revisit what they did. All I can think is what do we need to do to destroy commies and their works.

Yesterday I opened up the book and it was to a section where the Russian Commie project was doing a systematic destruction of Russian Orthodox Seminaries, and I cannot describe without outrage the ugly desecrations imposed on seminarians by the commies.

The tally isn’t that hard to develop, Stalin’s famines, purges, pogroms, gulags, slave labor, Mao’s cultural revolution and great leap forward, Pol Pot’s pogroms and killing fields, the minor killing programs of commie wannabes like the Castros and the east European despots. All told, the deaths approached 100 million in the 20th century and yet we have silly American leftists who wear Mao and Che t-shirts. Pretty disgusting.


9 responses to “What if Stalin had computers–he would have killed millions more

  1. Two years after winning WW2 he had the AK 47 ………more relevant to his way of doing things……………….

  2. He didn’t kill all those people by himself – he had lots of willing killers eager to join him. Reminds me of all those Al Gore dupes that want to kill deniers.

  3. Tell me again why Joey Stalin was our ally?

  4. The US wasn’t in the war, when Churchill made the judgement that Britain would support the Soviet Union after it was invaded by Nazis on 22 June 1941. It was a decision based on pure hard politics pragmatism, and certainly not as a result of any ideological love of the Soviets by the UK government or Churchill.

    There is no doubt, however, that Stalin was a far more successful mass murderer than Hitler. His comment to Churchill, during one of their meetings, sums up his attitude nicely – in substance it was that ‘One death is a tragedy, a million but a statistic’ (in connection with Churchill describing the ~10 million killed during Soviet rural collectivization as a “tragedy”).

    I suspect, though, for sheer numbers, Mao has them both beat (but I’ve not studied Chinese history enough to have a good handle on it).

    • the black book of communism gives Mao the champeenship on killing. Two waves, the cultural revolution and the great leap forward.

      The estimate of 50 60 million have to be unreliable–how do you count that many deaths if you are responsible for them?

      I don’t think the Chinese would be as careful about recording their horrific conduct as the Germans. The Germans were much better record keepers, for what purpose other than their obsessive culture, I can’t imagine.

      • Not so sure about the Chinese numbers. On the one hand you have a lot of people getting killed but not recorded, on the other you have a lot of local officials overstating actual numbers killed in order to look good to “center”.
        The two probably can be thought of as compensating for each other, give or take a few million (and what’s a few million dead counter-revolutionary agitators among communist?).

    • @ian005–
      Although Churchill changed parties a few times, he really was a big statist–and thus a socialist. Most of all, though, he absolutely loved war. Highly overrated figure, whose own version of his role in WWII is accepted by far too many as the gospel truth.

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