History lesson–George McGovern, the bamster, and Syria

The writer points out what many people forget, George McGovern worked for the commies in his early career, represented the hard left as a Senator and then presidential candidate, and his speech to the Dem convention was right out of the playbook of FDRs 1944 “necessitous man” state of the Union speech with the added touch of pacifism and withdrawal from foreign matters.

Read this very cogent essay on why McGovern presaged the democrat party shift to the left and this bamster mess with the resultant decline of America.

McGovern got the America he wanted. Consider that more tha 40% of the people in this country can be counted on to vote democrat.

We are so screwed.



3 responses to “History lesson–George McGovern, the bamster, and Syria

  1. Suppose for a moment that MS-13 and Mexican Drug Lords had taken over the Southern Part of Mexico, capturing weapons from the ineffectual Mexican Army in the process. Suppose further that, despite resupply from the United States, the corrupt Mexican Government kept losing territory, the Narco/GangBang Empire moving northwards..

    What do you think that the (rational parts of) U.S. Government and Military would do? What do you think that their best course of action would be?

    Answer: They’d invade the shit out of Mexico, shoot and bomb the crap out of the Narco/Gangbangers, killing every last one (and anybody who got in way). And most likely they’d get rid of the Chollos and illegals in the United States too.* (And for good measure, maybe annex Northern Mexico and The Baja, Southern California/Southwest climate and a mineral treasure house, so what’s not to like.)

    Well, that’s what Russia is doing. It’s something like 700 odd miles from the center of Syria to the Russian border. Think San Diego to San Francisco. It’s *that* close to them, same time zone even. For us sitting in North American, ISIS/Daesh is an abstraction, 7 or 8 time zones away. For the Russians, it’s real threat*, esp. considering that a good chunk of them seem to be Chechens, a group for whom the relationship with the Russian Empire has, historically, been less than, shall we say, sanguine.

    So yeah, the Russians are attacking. And they’re marshaling Iran and Hamas for the ground operations. And they *are* going to prop up the Baathist Syrian Government, keep it as sort of a buffer state.*** And they’re doing, will be doing, whatever they need to do to protect themselves. They will level these people, and without mercy.

    So now everybody, all the talking heads and government officials, are presently wringing their hands, saying things like:”Oh how horrible!” and: “Can’t we just talk??” They’re “Expressing Concern.”****

    But deep down, they’re probably relieved. And they hope that the Russians clean up the mess that their neo-con posturing started.

    And everybody else – esp. in Europe – probably is hoping the same thing too.

    Just a thought.


    *L.A. would lose half its population.

    **The Russians work off of whats known as “The Ax Theory.” namely that if I think that you’re going to come at me with a knife, then I’d better go after you with an ax first. To an American, that sounds incomprehensibly paranoid, but then the United States has never been on everybody’s favourite invasion route. Stating things differently, nobody has ever heard of Attila the Eskimo.

    ***Pissing off the Israelis and their loud-mouth New Yorker “Settlers,” who want Syria for themselves, Eretz Israel.and all that.

    ****The Dispensationalist Nutjobs are probably wetting themselves with excitement, the Rapture and all that.

  2. Yes! Finally someone writes about call of duty black ops 3.

  3. I’m not a gamer, and while I’ve of course heard of Call of Duty, I have only the vaguest idea of what it’s all about. So, if you say I’m writing about it, then I’ll take your word for it.

    It was just an analogy, that’s all.

    Just a thought.


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