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French meteorologist axed for warning of the warmer insanity

This is another scandalous effort to silence a scientist and an expert on weather and climate.

Thanks to Joe Bast and Willie Soon for forwarding this news.

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Joe Bast assesses the battlefield on climate/warming/global environmental political war

Below I post an essay on the present state of affairs written by Joe Bast, president of the Heartland INstitute of Chicago, one of the leading organizations dedicated to opposing warmer/climate change/environmentalism nonsense science and policy making. We are all committed to protecting the environment but opposed to socialist, leftist statist highjacking of the cause for their malignant political purposes.

I have been working with Joe Bast now for more than 10 years and find him to be a good editor and writer, excellent organizer and political strategist. I have benefited from my association with Heartland Institute and the many people associated with Heartland.

Today Joe sent me an essay (pasted below) that states his assessment of the current political state of affairs related to the climate change/warming crusade and environmental policy battles. Paris is coming up and compels hims to consider the progress of the war as one of its generals and strategists. Continue reading

More on global cooling

Many years ago I introduced a climate scientist from Mexico’s Meteorologic Study Center at Monterey at a Heartland Conference who predicted cooling ahead.

Here’s another discussion of the issue that has been raised by many–the sun is not so active, that usually has implications.

An essay advocating protecting scientists from harassment

This writer says scientists are unfairly attacked–but I would suggest that scientists who become advocates and are guilty of fraud should be exposed.
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Just in time for COP21, end of the world science

An our models show the Antarctic melt will be much worse than previously thought if we don’t do something now to fix CO2. Continue reading

Carbon shlock very much like snake oil or rainmakers

A discussion about the scam that is the carbon dioxide crusade.

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Coming up short on the green climate fund scam?

It seems that wealth transfer from the guilty developed world to the underdeveloped world is coming up short, so they are looking for new cows to milk.  Continue reading