Monckton proposes the restructuring of currency to the Texas Talent–WOW

I know Christopher Monckton a little, because of his energetic and eloquent defense of our opposition to the warmer/enviro fanatic crusade.

However, Monckton has another area of interest and advocacy–economics and what to do about the debauching of the dollar.

Yessiree, this is a stunning proposal that looks at runaway debt and inflation that steals from everyone. Consider the example given of the person who held 1000 dollars for 20 years–then you get the point.

I would suggest this essay be read in the morning.

I have a problem with linking the Texas Talent to the market and relying on the SEC to be the umpire–if the SEC and the market were immune from manipulation by the usual suspects, the plan would be more appealing.


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