Shaw on fat, and other nonsense.

I was a little kid and my dad, a physician was mad as hell about the egg and cholesterol ban and the butter ban, since he was a farm boy and he knew it would cause a lot of trouble for farmers, for no good sensible reason.

It continues and my friend and ally, Michael Shaw takes up the cudgels for my beloved dead father.

Thanks Mike–here’s your essay.

Balanced diet, fat, protein, sugars, fiber, vitamins, salt, ignore the nannies. You be OK.


4 responses to “Shaw on fat, and other nonsense.

  1. @john1282
    For those who don’t wish to go to HuffPo, you can also read it right here!

    If the warmists at HuffPo knew that I also wrote for—Lord, have mercy!

  2. New regs! no eggs, no vegs!
    No beets, no sweets, no tasty treats!
    No elk, no milk!
    No shoots, no roots!
    No fish, no quiche!
    No meat, no wheat!
    So what in the world are we supposed to eat?

    • GoneWithTheWind

      If you don’t have one of the hereditary condition that require a specific diet than It doesn’t matter what you eat. Everything else Is superstition and supposition.

      • I agree, but what is an hereditary condition?

        I have an issue with raw egg, (meaning if I was to have fried egg it must be fully cooked and not in the slightest bit runny. This goes for the boiled egg too, it must be hard boiled.) tomato (no tomato paste, no tomato sauce and no tomatoes!!), cucumber (keep that stuff and its juice far away from me), and passionfruit. I do not eat these items.

        As far as any other food is concerned, everything should be in moderation. on the other hand, as much as I have loved sausages, their use needs to be restricted, and methods of cooking should be “the grill or the bbq or even the oven, but definitely no cooking in oil!!

        My comment here is specific to my needs: for example, sausages are one of those fatty foods that can cause gallbladder upsets. One has to look closely at diet to find what can be causing the issues. It could be that a diet can be successfully used for people with gallbladder disease to specifically exclude most forms of fat, especially foods that are labelled fatty foods. I believe in trial and error!!

        People with an irritable bowel do not necessarily have an issue with gluten. There might be other factors in play, gluten free diets are not good for the general population.

        People come up with diets all of the time. Most of them are extremely unbalanced. I believe that balance is the key and that goes for eggs etc. If you can eat it without vomiting, then go ahead in moderation.

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