I really trust the government on diet advice–sure I do

There are so many clowns out there, with government credentials, advising me about how to live–always relaible advice. Nothing like a gov panel filled with people that have an agenda to produce bad advice. The latest salt guidance is not just stupid, it’s dangerous. On some other things, they were just working an agenda, promoting a cultural thing and digging for data that supported their biases.

Can I name a few things they were wrong on, are wrong on, eggs, cholesterol, salt, fat, saturated fat, unsaturated fat, trans fats, sugars, proteins, fiber, veggies, red meat…

As I always say, eat a balanced diet with fat, protein, sugars, and limit the calories to what you can burn. No food supplements are required for a person with a balanced diet.

Obsessive food fetishists are just one exhibit in the case for silliness, the government fetishists are leading the way.

An essay in National Review caught my eye.


2 responses to “I really trust the government on diet advice–sure I do

  1. Typical of National Review. “Why We No Longer Trust the Government ” to give us dietary advice. Why would anyone with a high two digit IQ ever trust the government to give sound advice on anything? A constant mantra that drives me up the wall is “why doesn’t the government do something” in response to practically any social problem. Here’s a short course in political “science”: the government is composed of elected politicians and appointed as well as career bureaucrats. Bureaucrats have no special knowledge or expertise in anything useful. What they do know how to do is protect their turf and expand their budgets. There are probably some bureaucrats that truly want to improve the public welfare. But the system is such that these people never get very far. Instead the most ambitious and ruthless people get to the top. Politicians know even less than bureaucrats but the one thing they do know very well is how to get re-elected. The evidence is clear on that as the re-election rates are consistently at 95% and above. Even dead politicians have been re-elected to office but my all-time favorite was a Congressman from New York named Adam Clayton Powell. Powell was under indictment for a number of crimes and couldn’t even set foot in the United States lest he be arrested and jailed. Yet he won reelection to Congress by overwhelming majorities on more than one occasion. Granted that this was as much due to the stupidity of the public as it was to the mendacity of politicians.

  2. I learned in high school chemistry that anything that contains carbon and hydrogen is organic. So, apples picked from a tree, made of plastic, wood, tar, resin, paraffin wax, bee’s wax, are all organic. If organic stuff is good for people, then methane, methyl alcohol, botulism toxin, snake venom, etc., must be ok, since they’re organic. most pesticides and herbicides are organic. “Organic’ fertilizers must be broken down to inorganic molecules to be absorbed into plant roots. Maybe I should stop drinking water, because it’s inorganic. I’ve been loosing patience with labels saying a food is organic, when the asphalt parking lot I walked on is also organic. The label saying “natural cheese”?. Cheese doesn’t exist in nature. I’m getting rather fed up (pun intended?) with “government science”.

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