Coming up short on the green climate fund scam?

It seems that wealth transfer from the guilty developed world to the underdeveloped world is coming up short, so they are looking for new cows to milk.  Great promises to save the planet by creating a $100b green climate fund have fallen a little short, about two thirds of the promised bucks.  So, now let’s try to raid financial institutions.  What is the Green Climate Fund and what is it supposed to do other than make politicians look good?  Hard to figure out. Wiki seems to be the best source.  The link to the fund seems to be an organization ready to spend OPM and lot’s of folks lined up to spend it.  I couldn’t find the amount of global warming this wealth transfer was supposed to save, probably because there was never any intention to reduce global temperatures.  I’m not really surprised every pol lined up to take credit for the big number with no intention of ponying up.


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