Now climate change is going after your pumpkins.

It’s in Scientific American.  So the science must be settled.Here is the headline denoting the possible end of our holiday pumpkin pies: Pumpkin Lovers Face Slim Pickings, Thanks to Climate Change

Here is the inescapable scientific logic foretelling the death of the holiday pumpkin pie at the hands of climate change:  Illinois has had three of the 4 wettest springs  since 2010; last June had a record rainfall; the wet weather has decreased pumpkin yields; Libby gets most of its pumpkins from Illinois so there will be a pie filling shortage.  Oh, and it’s hotter because of climate change.

I just love the things you learn from America’s preeminent scientific journal.  Pumpkins only grow in Illinois.  They only grow under average climatic conditions.  Any deviation from average is a sure sign of climate change.  So, all those big round orange things I saw in fields (and my back yard) in Michigan weren’t pumpkins?  And those big round orange things I planted/tended/harvested on the farm in North Carolina weren’t pumpkins?

I’m still amazed that people would be quoted in stuff like this or that silly stuff like this would be published.  They did have this quote: “We don’t have a very good handle about how specialty crops could be affected by climate change; I think that conversation is just starting,” Angel said.  The clarion call for more research funding.

I’ve found the Ag Extension services from most land grant cow colleges to have for free excellent publications on all sorts of stuff, even, specialty crops like this.  Maybe they should start their research there.


3 responses to “Now climate change is going after your pumpkins.

  1. There’s a reason no science-minded person would think to subscribe or read Scientific American!

    In our area, we’ve never had such a large pumpkin crop. The fields are covered as far as the eye can see with huge pumpkins of every variety. The corn was really high this year, too. It made for a really fun corn maze! I think I like this global warming…

  2. They plan for “punkin chunkin”, throwing them out on the streets and our grocery stores are filled with them and we don’t even live in regular pumpkin growing area and they are telling us there is a “terrible shortage”?

  3. This supposed shortage stems from the fact that 90% of the US commercial crop of pumpkins is grown within 50 miles of Peoria, Illinois whish had a nasty June. Climate Change. my ass.

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