Milloy puts up the report on EPA spending and their long list of dependents

Tom Coburn has been exposing federal gov spending excesses for years.

This report on the EPA provides stunning information on the gravy train was tweeted by Milloy today, but deserves addition mention and a wider audience.

Go to the spending on contractors, and grants, which is for research and consider that it is only part of the money doled out to create the biggest research whorehouse in the country. EPA grants are not as much as NIH, but imprewssive indeed.

As if the billions don’t influence the “results” provided by these universities with their red lights on.

Follow the money certainly is good advice.

Here is the link to the thorough report on EPA spending.


3 responses to “Milloy puts up the report on EPA spending and their long list of dependents

  1. I think it might do to take the report along with a grain of salt. Either that or we are in serious, serious trouble. The report refers to “guns and ammunition up to 300mm.” 300mm is roughly equivalent to 12″. That is naval style ordnance or some of the old rail car style artillery. Now, if the EPA has an old battleship we do not know about … then again, the USS Missouri mounted 16″ guns.

  2. I Think we are in serious trouble. If the EPA can try to sell us on whacko numbers of ‘man-caused’ climate change and global warming, they can try to sell us ‘the American people are stupid and will buy anything we tell them’ (government paid big bucks for the consultant), to build strategy for ObamaCare, why not sell the American people that we still use up to 12″ artillery, in non-combat service of the EPA. I would dare say that over 60% of the ordinance cost for the EPA was not and could not be justified. not at all. that is a lot of weapons and munitions for plunking targets.

    It is the way the Government bureaucrats run the government and get as rich as they do. Way too much money to buy false science, and propaganda. and money that every taxpayer dishes out…

    The government bureaucracy to far too big, and out of control.

  3. Thank you for sharing this report. Eliminate the EPA and save American taxpayers countless billions of dollars. More than $72 billion a year in worthless federal grants to start…think of what American citizens could do to put their own money to work.

    There is a typo on page 2, section 5, where it says the average employee salary was $11,165 in 2014. Per page 35, it was actually $111,165! And that doesn’t count perks, like an average $6,000 furniture allowance. Good grief.

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