Editor’s note–from john1282

I am a paleo computer person, and only used hyperlinks when forced to by editors.

However, Mike Shaw, a colleague has pointed out that hyperlinks eliminate some problems we have with the software that is word press.

Mike splained to me that sometimes my long links don’t come out on the screen, and other things.

Announcement: I am going to hyperlinks–click on the highlighted word to get the link.

Sometimes I may screw it up, but our readers always seem to get the message to me–like dis:

Where’s the link, duufus?


8 responses to “Editor’s note–from john1282

  1. apparently you never heard of tinyurl then? We’ve been using it for years.

    • yep, Jane Orient MD Editor of over at a journal names JPANDS that I write for, uses tinyurl.

      You tech people are way ahead of me—I just lost my 20 year old nokia, the provider said it was way to outmoded and couldn’t handle modern stuff.


  2. The zealots will be after you. Your blog uses “WordPress”.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    It becomes automatic with practice. I don’t have to think about the syntax anymore, my fingers just do it.

  4. Do not give up if you stuff it up. Someone taught me to use the hyperlinks. He lives in the USA and I live in Australia.
    Althought I do not use it, you should give tiny URL a go. It is very easy to instal into your browser via the google webstore or the Firefox store.

  5. Congratulations on moving into these modern times.

  6. There are two main problems with link shortening services such as tiny url. First, they make it easier for attackers to distribute spam and phishing attacks because the actual destination URL is not displayed.

    Second, because link shortening is frequently used with social networking services like Facebook and Twitter, there is an inherent trust that the link will be legitimate.

    Not a good idea.

  7. “Paleo computer person” – so much more dignified than “techno-weenie” which has been my self-description for years. I feel your pain.

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