Dr. Stan Young on Data Mining biases

Stan, a PhD in Stats and Genetics, and his associates, continue the discussion on biases in research on populations but other observational studies too. Stan recognizes the data mining biases and talks about them.

Stan is our ally on these efforts to expose junk science methods in population studies.

Look here for the series on scientific methods for today.



2 responses to “Dr. Stan Young on Data Mining biases

  1. libs and grant mining profs ALL use expectancy bias to “prove” their pre-conceived notions. You folks print examples day after day of failed “research” that won’t hold up under the light of day.

  2. One of the better-known bloggers on climate change will be attending the upcoming International Conference on Geo-ethics in Prague.

    Scientists who lived along the boarder between East and West during the Cold War are better able to understand the influence of politics on science. Geo-engineering in the West has been championed by the. Geophysics Division of the US NAS and by the Anerican Geoohysical Union (AGU).


    The paper, “Stalin’s science,” explains how events at Konan, Korea in the closing days of WWII (Aug-Sept 1945) changed the course of world history and western science after WWII.

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