Psych drug therapy for troubled people–and children

Here is an essay on an increasing problem–using chemical restraints for troubled people.

I run into it all the time in corrections medicine–bad people with bad lifestyles on psychotropics of all kinds, from tranqs to the new antipsychotics, sporting causally applied diagnostics, like adult or child ADD, bipolar, schizoid, when many of them are just personality disorders with temperament and mood symptoms.

But drugs offer an easy out.

The long-term effects of potent drugs are not easy to assess in the troubled population that gets prescribed drugs but has a chaotic lifestyle, and uses recreational drugs and alcohol too.

Here’s an essay on the problem of kids in foster care who get drugged up to make them more manageable.

Personality disorders dominate the prison population but they get labeled this or that in the psych nosological canon so they can be drugged on a recommended regimen to treat their “symptoms” and discomforts.

We now have a drugs for unhappiness tradition. People who have been medicalized in many cases for their behavior and immaturity, antisocial acting out, social dysfunctionality.


7 responses to “Psych drug therapy for troubled people–and children

  1. Back in the 50’s an uncle of mine used to deal with bothersome children (like me) by handing out large lollipops and telling us to ‘go eat them outside where they won’t leave a mess.’
    This practice continues today, with the sugar being replaced by cough medicine, anti-psychotics, Ritalin, and other substances far more dangerous than sucrose.

  2. GoneWithTheWind

    I know people whose life and childrens life were turned upside down due to bi-polar problems. For years and years pure dysfunction and turmoil. Thanks to drugs their lives have improved dramatically. I can’t speak to every mental issue but for those who are bi-polar drugs work.

  3. My son was diagnosed with an emotion disturbance during his teen years. They put him on psych meds and it only made him less empathetic, more apt to act out, and more numb to his feelings. We took him off. Inspite of years of treatment he ultimately didnt embrace it and has a personality disorder. Our hope is that his behavior will be less severe than without treatment. Time will tell…

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    • me too priscilla, I like those big links, not the hyperlinks.

      Don’t hesitate to tell me when you don’t have a link that works. I will fix.

      As for this change, it was because others told me the long links don’t fit and sometimes don’t work in the word press software system.


  4. Gone, do not underestimate the impact of personality disorders, that many times have mood and terrible behavior problems. Bipolar is the diagnosis often used inappropriately for these big time personality problems.because they display mood swings, and impulsivity and just generally tear up the family and surroundings.

    Priscilla, i am advised regular links are not good in the word press environment, so I am embedding them as hyperlinks. just click on the highlighted word. I hope I am doing it well adn there are no problems.

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