Bob McTeer get’s out the old David Ricardo lecture on trade

All of what McTeer says is true, trade is good, improves markets. Tariffs generally are antagonistic to market and anti-competitive. McTeer is for the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement. I think the agreement has poison in it, just like so many of these international agreements–look to who gets to write them.

McTeer gives some good examples for being a free trader.

However he glosses over my and Lawrence Kogan’s biggest objection to the trade deals–too often they incorporate clauses and reference laws and policies that are part of the leftist, socialist, internationalist agenda–for example the agreements for trade often incorporate the precautionary principle and fanatic environmentalism and all that they entail.

So a free trade agreement becomes a sneaky way to create international treaties with bad policy and legal implications. Sometimes a move to global government pursued by a cabal of world government promoters.

McTeer doesn’t appreciate this hidden effect and all the policy poison pills inserted in these agreements? Sure he does, so he gets a C for mentioning, but not condemning the misuse of trade agreements that inject the policy desires of the left–remember most of our trading partners are leftist statist enviros or at least their negotiators are.

If Bob McTeer was really wise, he would emphasize the dangers in those poison pills that are hidden in the supplemental appendices and the references to legal principles, even creation of powerful international agencies that compromise our sovereignty.

Lawrence Kogan, who has been featured here at Junk Science in the past on international agreements and the domestic problem of scientific integrity of agency activities, best exemplified by the junk science at EPA, has developed his reputation in international law and trade for good reason.

One of Kogan’s achievements was an effective effort to inform the Congress on the dangers of the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), a leftist conspiracy to create a global bureaucracy that would be unaccountable and compromise our national sovereignty, even our economic and territorial integrity. LOST would have actually interfered with US territorial and economic rights. It was an ambitious leftist push presented as just a fair way to divvy up the assets of the sea beds–but it was intended to make a UN type bureaucracy a new unaccountable international agency pushing leftist policies and wealth redistribution ala socialist statist collectivist rules and control.

We have to be careful with international agreements–like those black box provisions in the Iran Deal from hell. Bob McTeer is a big boy, big boy enough to have real wisdom and insight on trade agreements.


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