Social Cost of Carbon on trial

Over on Dr. Curry’s blog there is a report of SCC being on trial.  And not for being an idiotic concept. See Climate, etc, On Trial: Social Cost of Carbon.  Dr. Curry does her usual superb job of carrying the discussion.  The idea of anyone having a serious “trial” on what the real SCC is, without, apparently, looking at the benefits cost me a good single malt and a computer cleaning.  The idea that started as a way to “justify” taxation now seems to be a full blown academic pursuit as well as political taxation strategy.  I’d love to interview a recent Ph. D., with a dissertation on the social cost of carbon.  But it will never happen.

How many benefits have we reaped from the evil atom?  Increased life expectancy, better lifestyles, increased food, and more? Moving the western world benefits to the third world requires more of the evil atom, not less. I suppose the SCC afficianados would like like for that not to happen.


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