Our Sandy, our Katrina

When you can’t come off the hype high because we missed having the big storm, the next best thing seems to the what could have been scenario using names of great mystical power.  After about a week of building up the hype on Joaquin and a nor’easter that were supposed to join and form a terrain altering, end-of-times event, the Richmond Times Dispatch, is left with what could have been.  NOAA get’s into the act, invoking the magical names Sandy and Katrina.  That’s much more frightening than listing all those old, way in the past storms that might show there is a history of storms.

I’m glad the predictions were not even close to reality.  I’m also glad that we have ample warning of these storms, unlike tornadoes and earthquakes.  Is there any place you can live that is not on the edge of disaster from some naturally occurring event?


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