More impending doom from climate change

A study shows that some Pacific coral atolls will become inhabitable from sea level rise within decades.  All we need is almost 2 meters of SLR in the next 84 years.  A study published in Nature, Many Atolls May be Uninhabitable Within Decades Due to Climate Change,  projects a sea level rise of 2 meters by 2100.  The increasing water depth makes stronger waves which will inundate and make uninhabitable, a number of low-lying atolls.  They project 8-16 mm/yr seal level rise, much greater than the ~2 mm/yr currently happening. The supposed rate outstrips coral accretion rate.

When does this 4-8 fold increase in SLR start?  I suppose it’s already happening.  I’ve yet to see anyone test these hypotheses by predicting the annual  sea level rise and showing the actual data that fits the prediction.  It all seems to be set to be observed far enough in the future that we just can’t measure it now.

As usual, predictions of climate doom get echoed.


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