Let’s pass a law making it illegal for the climate to change

In the propaganda run up for COP21 we now have 10 food companies telling lawmakers they must act on climate change.  Or at least we have 10 companies signing on to an NGO letter telling world leaders to act and having it trumpeted in the climate “press.”  Do they mean wold leaders need to act on preventing the climate from changing to warmer, cooler or not changing at all?  With such a misuse of the language, you can’t be sure what they mean.  I see we have bicameral, bipartisan support in the congress, which could mean as many as one senator and one congresscritter.


4 responses to “Let’s pass a law making it illegal for the climate to change

  1. Well at one time we here in Arkansas had a law that it was illegal for the Arkansas river to flood Little Rock.

  2. Heroin & cocaine were made illegal(without proper rigorous associated law enforcement and medical community involvement) with the intention of them disappearing altogether, never having overdoses or crime associated with heroin & cocaine ever again. Not only did that not work, people can actually be imprisoned and develop drug addictions.

    These same people want to apply this same insanity to firearms and an imagined climate problem. Hey, why don’t they make war, cancer and heart disease illegal too? In the 60s and 70s in my NYC neighborhood all our friends and families knew not to eat paint chips, it seems to me that the notion was not as wide spread as it should have been. -Paul

  3. Instead why not have Obama issue an “Executive Order”?

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