Physics challenge–a theory for everything and anything

Richard Feynman was frustrated.

It continues to defy.

An essay on the issue of scale and a theory of everything.

And another puzzle for big brains–are space and time discrete or continuous.

Holy Cow, I have no clue.


5 responses to “Physics challenge–a theory for everything and anything

  1. On a very large scale, an electron is a particle. On a very small scale it is a wave. Ditto for *all* particles – at a small enough scale they become waves. The simplistic mathematics of Newton (particles) and Dirac (waves) breaks down in the ‘transition zone.’

    The whole truth lies elsewhere.
    The best available description of a simple physical entity is a tensor, which can be transformed into either a ‘particle-like’ representation (with an n-dimensional rotation matrix) or a ‘wave-like’ field representation (with a different n-dimensional rotation matrix).
    To fully represent the state of a charged ‘particle’ in an electromagnetic ‘field’, you need both. Matrix representations of operations will extract any desired quantity from the tensor, at the cost of some cognate quantity. That’s what Pauli was talking about.

    • TC, I liked your clear explanation of inverse feedback in control systems…….
      We all know that in a Euclidean universe the Riemann-Cristoffel tensor is zero……
      .Can you give some clue or even an example of what a tensor is, or what effect it has, on travel?

      • A tensor is simply a mathematical entity. It is defined according to certain math rules, and can be manipulated with math tools. As a workable mathematical entity, it can be used in mathematical models to represent the behavior of physical phenomena. An example would be a tensor representation of an electromagnetic field.
        The physical laws called the Maxwell equations (there are four of them) can be depicted mathematically as 4 different but inter-related differential equations or 4 different but inter-related integral equations using the point electric charge and the components of the magnetic field in three dimensions. These would be time dependent components as the motion of the charge (change of location with time) produces a magnetic field throughout an extended volume of 3-dimensional space (that also changes with time as the charge moves).
        They can also be written as a single(!) differential or integral equation in the four-dimensional space-time of General Relativity (aka ‘Minkowski Space’) if the components of the moving charges and the changing magnetic field are represented in a 4×4 array (a ‘tensor’) that acts upon, and can be acted upon, by other arrays.
        The mathematical operations performed on this array by other arrays can, individually, ‘extract’ measurable quantities from the array such as location, coordinates, speed, frequency, momentum, mass, energy, etc. Sometimes these individual data-extracting operations are incompatible, because each operation performed on an array that highlights one variable obscures another.
        Thus the Pauli Principle arises – you cannot measure position and momentum simultaneously.

        • you’re killing me tadchem, like you always do—you think I can follow and even check your assertions?

          You think I want to be able to assess your asertions?

          Nope. However it is my extreme pleasure to read your discussions and think, the guy is a serious person and is willing to bother trying to explain things to a humble emergency physician.

          John Dale Dunn MD JD Consultant Emergency Services/Peer Review Civilian Faculty, Emergency Medicine Residency Carl R. Darnall Army Med Center Fort Hood, Texas Medical Officer, Sheriff Bobby Grubbs Brown County, Texas 325 784 6697 (h) 642 5073 (c)

        • Thanks, TC: I’ll read it about 20 times and see if it makes any sense to me………..[I think JDD will be sticking to medicine and law]………One of my oldest friends has a math prof. cousin called Roy who invented the ‘Kerr metric’…..In a recent TV interview Roy stated that nobody actually understands these things; they can only use them as mathematical tools……………….

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