The NYT proposes to know what a man is–what a joke

A man is a sheepdog for his family and his friends, he can make the difference when all hell breaks out.

The proposed man of the NYT is a woman.

I particularly dislike the idea that the author of this crappy little piece from the crappy little rag would say that a man doesn’t have a gun.

I would say what the hell good is he when some bad guy threatens him or his family?

So here is a critique and a better version. The author at AT did a pretty good job of emphasizing the stoic virtues and way of life–that really epitomizes what a real man is about.

I can tell you more than this author because I work with men–real men, and real women.

I am a faculty member in an Army Emergency Medicine Residency. As a benefit of my position I work with men and women who have stepped it up a notch and are heroic.

I know it is foreign to so many people, but can you imagine working with competent, intelligent, accomplished physicians who also are members of our special forces and are trained in the skills necessary to deal with bad guys? They are trained to treat medical cases, but could kill you or a bad guy in more ways than I can imagine or consider?

I have worked with people who are physicians and professionals and, in addition have endured training and accomplished things that ordinary people can’t imagine.

When these men go to black ops they do things that require great courage and skill-something that distinguishes them as superlative examples of he manly arts and traditions. Can you imagine working with physicians who can scale walls and do 20 pullups?

I have been privileged to work with these remarkable people who are not known to the public and the chattering class.

They understand the realities and are, as Orwell said, the rough men that make it possible for people to sleep in peace because they man the walls and are committed to do harm to our enemies.

The bamster and his socialist pacifist running dogs can’t take that away. We know how much it means as citizens.


2 responses to “The NYT proposes to know what a man is–what a joke

  1. Using the New York Times’ “27 Ways to be a Modern Man” list as a measure, there are no “Modern Men.”

  2. I am sure JDD, MDS, ENC, and most other contributors to, share my total lack of concern about belonging to any particular class of humanity…………….
    I think we are all aiming, with varying degrees of success, to be gentlemen……………….

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