Sea level rise causes more storms?

That’s what a scientific study is supposed to say.  A sure sign that you can correlate just about anything with something unrelated. The CBS Philly headline says Study: Sea Level Rise Increasing Major Storms Off New Jersey

 It sounds like the English major writing the headline didn’t read it, but the study seems to correlate rising industrialization to coastal flooding, storms and all the rest.  The sea levels are rising, so there is an inverse correlation between sea level and the hair on my head, so SLR must also cause baldness.  Something about correlation not being causation?  Climate change has the miraculous ability to make correlation be causation.


7 responses to “Sea level rise causes more storms?

  1. It’s difficult to argue with higher sea level causing more frequent coastal flooding. (Duh!)

    • Yes, but I’d add in a time period. I doubt you are going to see more flooding year-to-year at 2 mm/yr SLR. Even this decade compared to last decade.

      • The closer you live to the water, the more likely you are to be flooded. The higher the sea level, the closer you are to the water.
        This ‘study’ is significant ONLY in concluding that storms are becoming more frequent. According to the article, “everybody knows” storms are increasing.
        I am not convinced that is true, but I haven’t read the paper; only the article.

  2. Even the IPCC scientists reported that there was no correlation between “global warming” and more frequent or larger storms. But why listen to the IPCC when you can listen to the “scientist” in the White House and his followers.

  3. Rule 1 of statistics – correlation it NOT causation(!!!!!!!). But then, that’s science not made up religious spew so down the memory hole it goes.

  4. Yes! That 1/8″ rise in sea levels over the last ten years has been a bugger.

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