Ozone rules expensive and they suck–we need a VW defeat device for the country

Ozone doesn’t kill anybody or cause disease, it just makes EPA more powerful and intrusive.

Nitrous and Sulfur oxides are ozone precursors, do not kill or harm anyone at ambient, even at higher than ambient, levels as proven by EPA’s own research. Ozone is not lethal, toxic or carcinogenic at ambient and even higher levels even in high dose exposure human experiments sponsored by EPA.

But in the push for power, lies are told. Research is cobbled together and exaggerated claims are made.



One response to “Ozone rules expensive and they suck–we need a VW defeat device for the country

  1. Seven years they defeated the EPA, CARB and their customers with diesel engines. All that time none of them noticed. Those who purchased for fuel economy said nothing or perhaps assumed mpg was just another sanctioned lie from government,
    Government saw nothing, knew nothing and saw no data anomilies. Now they are shocked, shocked to have someone else tell them what they claimed was important to them, but not important enough to research. Is the reported clean air data actual or perhaps VW data? Punishment? Make EPA, CARB and those too disinterested to pay attention, all drive a ZEV.
    The rest of us drive what we want, where we want, when we want, that is the true natural order.

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